About Us

As working parents who have gone through the daycare discover process ourselves, we understand the challenge of finding the best daycare for your family. We created Daycare Discover to make it easier for all new working parents.

Daycare Discover currently specializes in Chicago, IL. We have the most complete and updated list of licensed daycares (center and home-based) in our database. We have personally toured over 40 daycares in Chicago for our concierge clients and created free tools like a neighborhood map search, TourBuddy, and reporting. Our mission is to help every working parent save time and make the best-informed daycare decision for their family. Whether you’re searching for an art-enriched program near work or flexibility with a part-time schedule home-based daycare near your home, we know the “best” daycare is different for every family. We’re dedicated to helping you find yours.


Our Team



Mo Zhou, CEO

When Mo was a busy management consultant pregnant with Aero, she experienced first-hand experience the challenges of finding a suitable daycare. She kept asking herself, “Why isn’t there an easier way to find a good daycare?” In 2015, she left consulting and launched Daycare Discover to empower working moms like herself to find suitable daycare without all the stress and time off work.


Joseph Bryan, CTO

As our CTO, Joe brings extensive experience in developing product for his previous startup venture. His leadership experience in the military enables him to find innovative, creative, and practical solutions. On the weekend, when he’s not developing kick-ass algorithms, he’s babysitting and adoring his 8-month-old nephew.


Kimberly Grotto, CMO

Kim is a marketing veteran. Her clients range from well-known brands to emerging start-ups, giving her a deep understanding of how to build a winning brand and engage customers in all phases of the business life cycle. Kim is a busy working mom who also experienced challenges with her daycare search and is passionate for the cause of empowering working moms.