Traditionally, it takes 45 hours to find a daycare. We’ll do it for you for $150.

Available to parents in Chicago, IL.

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Here’s what other working moms are saying about our service:

“I received a FANTASTIC and comprehensive report regarding daycare centers within a the range of driving distance that I was comfortable with.  The report back had 12 places that were ranked in order of preference based on in person visit and other more objective points (distance, cost, days closed, etc). I HIGHLY recommend this service but would recommend requesting this in your first/second trimester – by the time I requested in my third trimester I was cutting it close on the wait list for our top choice!!!” — Molly L., Management Consultant

“I learned of Daycare Discover from one of my business school friends, another busy working mom, when I was really in a tight spot to find childcare.  Daycare Discover was immediately responsive and independently visited my choices within a week of contact!  Report summaries lent objectivity and attention to detail which I admittedly needed when we are talking about my precious baby. This individualized attention is far more helpful than the daycare comparison search offered on NPN.  I’d recommend Daycare Discover to anyone choosing a daycare.” — Elizabeth R., IT Sourcing

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