How It Works

Traditionally, it takes 45 hours to find a daycare. We’ll help you do it in less time and get you more information.

Step 1: Search

We have the most updated and complete list of licensed daycares (both centers and home daycares) from the Illinois Department of Children an Family Services. First, we provide you with a map view that’s easy to search. Just enter your address and the licensed daycare will be marked on the map in the neighborhood of your address. Contact the center directly to schedule a tour. Save the center to your account and it will be automatically loaded with TourBuddy to guide you through your daycare tour.


Step 2: Tour

First-time parents often feel lost at their daycare tours. Our concierge service experts have toured over 40 daycares multiple times and for numerous families. Our experts receive compliments from other parents on the tour about out the quality of our questions. We know what to look for and what to ask. We want you to know, too. That’s why we created TourBuddy, our ground-breaking app that arms you with questions to ask daycare providers and gives you a place to easily record their answers. Save hours of researching about what to ask just by carrying TourBuddy with you on tours—and it will aid you in real-time.
TourBuddy Screenshots


Step 3: Evaluate

After you tour the daycares that interest you, all the information and your rating are recorded in your account. When it’s time to evaluate them, just log into your account, select the daycares you’d like to compare, and click “report.” Our software allows you to compare the information from each daycare selected side-by-side.


The best decisions are made when you’re highly informed. Our free tools are designed to help you to do just that.

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